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Background Information

Acupuncture4TheMind sounds crazy, impossible, and too good to be true. How is it possible to do what we have said? The explanation is somewhat technical and abstract, but let me try to explain.

How do you know who you are? You have memories that are records of where you have been and what you have done, but they are not you, they are records of what was.

changeYou are. You are aware. Our awareness is really all that we have. Our awareness is how we see and experience life, ourselves and others. If we want to change our reactions to things we must re-focus our awareness. Our awareness is what goes on in our mind.

The mind is not a tangible thing, it is not the brain or nerves or something physical in our cells. The mind is not tangible because the mind is really an energetic phenomena. The energetic forces of the mind focus our awareness.

The energy fields I am referring to are the attractor fields of consciousness conceptually introduced by Dr. David Hawkins, in his brilliant work Power vs. Force.

We know we have a mind because we are aware. Our awareness is really all that we have. It is what makes us think that we are unique.

The process of awareness begins with feelings. Simultaneous with the feeling is the automatic selection of energetic filters that integrate thought and experience to match our feelings.

The filters limit our mind set and evoke biochemical processes that alter bodily function. The filters are similar to "blinders" used to limit a horse’s visual sight. Blinders are devices that restrict the horse's vision and keeps the horse focused on what is in front of him.

Our energetic filters limit our perception and the range of emotions we experience. Some of the filters we have we are born with, others we tune into during our life experience. However acquired, the mind can only select from the choices available to it.

thought processMore than a few processes go on simultaneously in the mind. The processes appear purposeful but they are impersonal and not intentional. They are just how the mind focuses our awareness. Without some method of focusing our awareness our minds would be all over the place.

Some processes in the mind relate to our perception and use of the past. We use the past to give meaning to our current experience and to anticipate future experience.

Other processes relate to trust and still others determine our interpretation and reaction to our immediate surroundings.

Our beliefs, values and actions are the result of the filters available to us. These filters perpetuate the emotions and reactions that trigger their selection. They create an almost unstoppable feedback loop.

To break the loop and change your life you must both dampen the emotions and change the filters.

The filters tune us into bands of an energy spectrum that science is not able to measure. This is similar to science not being able to measure dark matter and dark energy. Dark matter and dark energy are inferred to exist because what science can measure only accounts for as little as 5% of the total mass of the universe.

The mind is also immeasurable. We can observe changes in the brain related to altered states of consciousness, like meditation, but we cannot directly observe or measure the mind.

change your lifeThe mind is the arena of mystics and those who study altered states of consciousness. Robert Monroe describes the energetic spectrum that the mind tunes into in his book The Ultimate Journey. Monroe is famous for his work in altered states of consciousness, and is the developer of "hemi-sync" technology used in meditation.

Changing by your self is hard because the energetic processes that direct awareness are outside our conscious awareness. Only the result of these processes is apparent.

This is why changing the mind by logic, reason and conscious control alone is less effective than changing it through spiritual methods. Spiritual activities align the mind with energies that can gradually change emotions and reactions.

This slow and difficult process is beyond the capacity of all but a few. Constantly aligning the mind by force of will requires a single-mindedness of purpose that most people cannot sustain.

It is like swimming upstream in a swiftly flowing river. One slip and you are back where you started, or worse. That is why there are so few saints.

The Acupuncture4TheMind system does not change the content of your mind. There is no attempt to have you look at things from a particular point of view.

Rather, the process changes the things your mind tunes into and pays attention to. You see new possibilities and experience life differently.

We use tone sequences to first dissipate negative filters. Other tonal sequences follow, that tune you into a positive perspective.

The system only points you in a different direction. In effect, the direction of the energetic current in which you swim is changed. In the end you stop seeing and experiencing yourself as a victim of life. You can see feasible solutions to your problems, find life acceptable and move forward with hope and inspiration.

If you still have trouble believing that what you are reading is possible, try the first experience. It is free and without any risk to you.

Experience is better than words or pictures. You may not understand your experience, but you also cannot deny it. Let your experience be your guide to a better life.

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