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The Acupuncture4TheMind path

Self Transformation: 16 Steps to a new you

Below is an outline of the complete Acupuncture4TheMind journey.

We present each step in the journey as a module and each module covers different patterns and processes that entrain thinking and impose limitations on our perception and reactions.

Each module addresses a different energetic pattern of the ego that keeps us stuck in our usual ways of becoming upset and stressed.

As you move through each module, you will discover that fewer situations will bother you. You will be less judgmental and more accepting.

By the time you get to the end of the course your friends and family will be impressed with how you have become a better person.

Module Outline

  1. Clearing the path
    1. Justifying feelings
    2. Trusting yourself
    3. Tuning out feelings of shame and worthlessness (Social anxiety)
    4. Tuning out feelings of guilt and unworthiness (Performance Anxiety)
  2. Finding Trust
    1. Runaway emotions
    2. Trusting others
    3. Trusting in a benign and supportive universe(belief in a higher power)
    4. Tuning to a positive future
  3. Tuning out Rejection and Feeling Unloved
  4. Tuning out Guilt and Blame Part 1- Perfectionism and the need to avoid blame
  5. Tuning out Guilt and Blame Part 2 - The many faces of self-attack and self-harm
  6. Tuning out of Seeing a World Beyond our Control
  7. Tuning out Self Criticism and Disdain
  8. Tuning out Grieving and Lossfull course details
  9. Tuning out Fears and traumas
  10. Tuning out Disappointments and expectations that others should be different for us to be happy
  11. Tuning out perceived needs for outside support
    1. Attachments to people and things
    2. Over Dependencies on others
    3. Being controlled by or worried about the opinions of others
  12. Tuning out anger, negativity and resistance
  13. Tuning out seeing aggression and reacting with antisocial behavior
  14. Tuning out self-centeredness
  15. Tuning out our familial, racial, and ethnic identifications
  16. Healing our separation and moving to oneness

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