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  1. What is Acupuncture4TheMind?
  2. self transformationHow does it work?
  3. How can I benefit from the course?
  4. Who is the course for?
  5. How long does it take to complete?
  6. What do I need to make it work?
  7. Will it work for me?
  8. What is Self-Transformation?
  9. Why is it a good thing?
  10. Why is change so hard?
  11. Do I have to believe in any religion or teaching to be able to use the Acupuncture4TheMind course?
  12. How much is the course?

1. What is Acupuncture4TheMind?

For a full course content breakdown follow this link: Course Outline

is a unique and mind-blowing path to change.
It uses new discoveries about how the mind works.
It creates changes in your awareness and experience.
It works with the mind, using its own automatic processes.
It changes the mind without meditation, repetition, or hard work.
It uses the same energetic system acupuncturists use to heal the body.
It uses sound energy, rather than needles, to stimulate acupuncture points.
It literally tunes out your negative thoughts and attunes you to higher frequencies.
It makes your life happier, your future brighter, and your mind a beautiful place to be.
It is unlike any other self-transformation program that has ever existed.
It cannot be taught.
It cannot be learned.
It must be experienced.

2. How does it work?

Acupuncture4TheMind is a direct method of self-transformation. You are asked to think about different feelings and experiences. While you are thinking, sounds that stimulate acupuncture meridian points in specific sequences play.

The sound progressions tune your energy system and dampen emotions. The sounds change the filters that limit your focus of attention and experience.

It uses the same energetic system acupuncturists use to heal the body. Only it uses sound energy, rather than needles, to stimulate acupuncture points in your mind.

The result is that you see yourself and life differently.

For an in-depth explanation of how Acupuncture4TheMind helps you achieve change click here.

3. How can I benefit from the course?

Acupuncture4TheMind shows you a path to follow that allows you to take control of your life.

It will make you happier, less stressed, and more present. You will feel more a part of everything around you. You will let go of the emotions that upset you and sabotage your relationships. You will find that you are free to pursue your dreams. After the first hour, many find a sense of peace for the first time in their lives. If that is not enough, the changes you experience will last forever.

For an in-depth explanation of what benefits you can expect from Acupuncture4TheMind click here.

4. Who is the course for?

The course is for anyone who realises that they need to change their life in order to improve their life. For an in-depth explanation of who can expect to benefit from Acupuncture4TheMind click here.

5. How long does it take to complete?

The full Acupuncture4TheMind self-transformation course includes 16 sessions, 97 narration files and 97 tone files in addition to check lists and prompts.

Each session is expected to take approximately one hour to complete. However, there is no time limit or required minimum speed. You go at the pace that you feel comfortable with and you do it in the privacy of your own home. You can repeat previous sessions if you wish to or parts of previous sessions.

In your own time you will achieve a peace of mind that few attain, even with years of meditation, prayer or analysis. There are no drugs, supplements or practice sessions necessary for success.

So no definitive answer here I am afraid. It takes as long as you need it to.

6. What do I need to make it work?

First and foremost you need to make the decision to embrace change. Once you realise that you need to change in order to improve your life then Acupuncture4TheMind can show you the way to affect that change.

On this journey you have two responsibilities: one to be honest in your reactions and two completing all of the modules in the required order.

Your willingness to stay focused on your memories and feelings is required. The process does most of the work for you, but your willingness to focus is essential to success.

In addition to that you will need a computer with connection to the internet and a decent set of independently powered speakers. Most computers have adequate speakers, so this should not be a problem, but laptops with built in speakers are not suitable. A lot of our members use laptop computers with externally powered speakers very successfully. A suitable example on sale at Amazon would be the Logitech S120 2.0 Multimedia Speakers (Black) (currently reduced to $10.17) which you could order online by following our link or get from a local computer store in your area.

If you have any doubts then please contact our customer support for more help and assistance.

7. Will it work for me?

In our experience, the answer is yes. The only reason that change fails to occur is by not tuning into, or not staying tuned into, the emotions and experiences discussed. This is discussed more in the Users Instructions.

8. What is Self-Transformation?

Self transformation is the process of change initiated from within. Left to our own devices change is an extremely difficult thing to bring about. It takes enormous amounts of determination and dedication as well as equally enormous amounts of time.

Acupuncture4TheMind cuts through this previously long-winded process and allows you to benefit from almost instant change. No effort, no boring repetitive exercises, no mental gymnastics. Just effective results delivered almost instantly.

9. Why is it a good thing?

Everyone of us has different personal reasons for needing change in our lives.

It could be that stress at work is spilling over into our own private or family lives, spreading conflict and disharmony along the way.

It could be that our once dream relationship is falling apart in front of our very own eyes and as much as we want to stop the destruction we don't know how.

Acupuncture4TheMind shows you how. You'll be using scientifically-proven audio technology that will easily and effortlessly stimulate the acupuncture points of your mind, transforming your perception and awareness of events and allowing you to finally take control.

Take control of your emotions, take control of your reactions, take control of your life.

10. Why is it so hard to change?

The reason change is hard is that we cannot consciously overcome the automatic processes of our mind. When stressed, emotions and reactions occur before we can do anything about them. We are victims of the limited options the mind has for interpreting and experiencing what is in front of it. See things you need to know for more information on this topic.

11. Does one have to believe in any religion or teaching to be able to use the Acupuncture4TheMind course?

Simple answer no. Acupuncture4TheMind allows you to change your perception and awareness of events.

Without a shadow of doubt it is a tremendous help to anyone who wishes to embark on a more spiritually aware life. The increased awareness and openess to new ideas and people you will experience will make you more spiritually complete.

But religious belief is definitely not a prerequisite.

12. How much is the course?

Nearly everyone has a need for the Acupuncture4TheMind experience, so one of my main goals is to make it available to as wide an audience as possible. What better way to achieve that, than by the creation of this web site?

Yet another goal is for the experience to provide unbelievable value. Value is more than money. I do not believe that the Acupuncture4TheMind experience can be valued in dollars. What is it worth to be comfortable in you own skin and have peace of mind?

Is a totally new and fulfilling life worth 54 cents a day to you?

Don't Take My Word For It!

Want to try it for yourself free?

Acupuncture4TheMind Acupuncture4TheMind In fact, I'm so confident that you will be blown away by the whole experience that the first full session of the complete Acupuncture4TheMind self-transformation course is on me.

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