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Your Role In The A4M Experience

The Acupuncture4TheMind experience does not use inspiring graphics or music. There are no subliminal messages, and no brain entrainment, nor any slight-of-hand of any sort. The journey is an experience that will change your outlook on life.

It is not meant to amuse you or provide you with momentary thrills or insights, but rather to initiate and foster continuing growth. It is not a course in any usual sense. It will not teach you anything. You cannot learn the secret of happiness. While we provide the necessary experience, the change requires your participation, not just you “showing up”.

Acupuncture4TheMind What is required of you is the willingness to honestly attempt do what is suggested by the path guiding narrations. You will be asked to think about and contemplate things that may bother or upset you, and to remember these things the best that you can.

The reward for remaining focused on your upset is that upset will become less, and often disappears across a topic or module. You will get back in proportion to the effort you expend.

The Journey passes through the negative experiences in your life in order to dissolve your energetic entrainment in the thought forms involved.

We have no issue with focusing on the positives, and directly working on issues like integrity, compassion, trust and gratitude.

We do however take note that soaring with the eagles is much easier when you are not carrying the weight of the past with you.

You cannot get to the "now" from the past. You can only find the "now" when you let go of the past and stop allowing it to taint the present and dictate your anticipation of the future.

Being in the "now" requires feeling comfortable in your own skin. From there you can effortlessly deal with the world around you. The path we provide will take you there, but you must walk that path by yourself and for yourself.

During the program exercises you should allow yourself to react naturally, not as you “think” you should. There is no one monitoring or observing you, so you are free to allow yourself to totally embrace and freely react to the narration suggestions.

You must provide the emotional and experiential content to match your life. Experience it and you can change it. If you do not tune in, you cannot let it go.

The various modules we provide suggest which corners of your mind you should look into to make sure that you miss as little as possible. We have latent and active thought forms and reactive patterns. A latent pattern only becomes active, and susceptible to elimination, when activated by the right experiences or memories. Examples of the various thought forms are provided in the programs narrations.

To activate your latent patterns you should honestly attempt to imagine, or recall the experiences and reactions described in the narrations. Recall your experiences as vividly as possible. If you have experienced it once in your life, it is at least a latent potential just waiting for the right circumstance to become active again.

Acupuncture4TheMindEmotions are funny things. We all experience them but no one experiences exactly the same feelings as you do. We learn as children to use words to describe our internal experience so that we can talk about it. However, words are inadequate to capture the individuality of our experience. Words are abstractions, labels, and nothing more.

Since this program uses words to direct you, it is subject to the limitations of language. The words that you have learned to use to describe your feelings may be different from those that someone else uses. My internal experience of what I call "concern" or "stress" or "being bent out of shape", may be your experience of "fear" or "terror" or "anger".

The most common emotions are anxiety, fear, and worry. The next is anger in many forms, and then there are always desire and disappointment the twin siblings of wanting what ever we don’t have.

Tune into whatever feelings you find are evoked by the narrations. If the feelings change, follow the new feeling. Whatever it is, it is your reaction, and if it is uncomfortable you should focus on it.

Our abstractions may not precisely match your experience. Each module in the transformation experience has hints that are useful to focus on while the process is in progress. We have found that for most people these hints are sufficient to point you in the right direction so that you get where you want to go.

There is a notepad available for you to stop and note your feelings, reactions, and memories stirred up. These can serve as points you can focus on while the tones play.

The things that bother you may have their roots in the past, but your current experience is all you need to pay attention to in order to change. If you cannot find clear examples in your current life, then look into the past.

After completing a module you may find that some things have changed but something still feels incomplete. When you think of certain things or experience certain situations there is a discomfort. If that is the case, redo the module choosing different examples from your current life. Focus on the experience of the discomfort or incompleteness you feel now.

Acupuncture4TheMind If you retake a module and something still seems incomplete, take your continuing upset and re-do Module 1 Topic 1 while continuing to think about the upset and your feelings.

In most cases this procedure will further reduce or eliminate the reaction bothering you. If not, your experience of discomfort or incompleteness may arise from another source you have not yet covered. We all have multiple filters that influence and contribute to our experience.

You should always take the journey at your own pace. While each module plays for approximately one hour, there is no rule that says you cannot take as long as you need or would like. Those with limited free time can complete one topic in a module, and spend as little as 15-20 minutes at any one time.

We strongly recommend that you limit your progress to one module per day at most. Each module requires honesty, contemplation, and concentration. Rushing through the modules is likely to result in missing the activation of latent reactive patterns, and ultimately leaving pockets of discontent or negativity untouched.

Stop and think whenever you want. Take notes in the notepad on the player page as you listen to the narration or the tones. You can stop the media player and take a break before or after the tones play in any of the exercises.

If you need to, you can back-up the audio stream and listen to the instructions or tone sequences as often as you like while going through a module.

While we suggest that you do a module a day, you can do one module a week, or at any rate you choose. To guide you, we present the modules in a specific order. However, you choose when you are ready to take the next step.

Focusing on the dark corners of the mind is not fun to do and we avoid doing it. However, to free ourselves we must do it. Thich Nhat Hanh put it in perfect perspective:

thich nhat hanh
Thich Nhat Hanh
"Let us not run away from our garbage; we should learn the art of composting. Using compost, we will grow a lot of flowers. Don’t think that without compost you can have flowers. That is an illusion. You can have flowers only with compost.
That is the insight of inter-being – look into the flower and you will see the compost. If you remove the compost that became flower, the flower will disappear also.
Whatever you are looking for, freedom, joy, and stability, you know that suffering plays a very important role in it.
So be aware that we cannot just run away from our problems. In fact, we have to go back to our problems. The practice of calming, of concentration, of embracing, of looking deeply into the nature of our pain, is absolutely necessary to get the transformation, the healing that we need so much”

If you feel that you need it, you can re-take the entire experience, or any module, as many times as needed.

Your subscription is for life. There is no time limit or constraints. You will be a lifetime member of our Blog and Forum as well.

Our goal is for you to reach your desired destination, not to rush you or to force you to follow a rigid protocol. We will support you on your journey in every way that we can. The only thing we cannot do is take the program for you.

In order to speed your journey, you must allow yourself to "step into" the different perspectives or experiences described. Some reactions you will resonate with more actively and acutely than others. Do your best in every description to see how and where it may fit in to your experience of life and exactly how you feel about it.

What If I Don’t Feel Anything Has Changed?

Staying focused on a specific thought or feeling can be difficult. The most frequent reason that the process does not immediately work is that we can lose focus on the intended target while the tones are playing.

focusTo stay focused while the tones play it is best to talk to yourself about your feelings, reactions, and your remembered experiences. Let your words and thoughts help incite and deepen your feelings.

To help you focus, checkboxes of key points appear to guide you. As you think about your experiences, remember what you said. Say aloud what you wished you had said at the time the event occurred if it is relevant. Take notes so that you do not forget important points.

If you are thinking about a particular person, say aloud and with emotion what you think of them. If you are thinking about yourself, say aloud and with emotion what you think of your own actions and reactions.

Talking to yourself will deepen your experience, like “fine tuning” the picture on a television screen or tuning into a distant radio station on your car radio.

The second reason nothing happens immediately is that you have never experienced the state or emotion described. It is part of the limitation of a general program. Not every one of us inherits or acquires all of the negative fields that are covered.

If one process seems to have no effect, keep going, others will. Some of the processes are relevant to everyone. Do them all and you will be sure that you will not miss anything.

The final reason nothing happens immediately is that we do not tune into how we really feel or do not recognize something in our current experience as relevant.

Sometimes we think that we have overcome something that we have just buried and refuse to look at. If we do not look in the dirty corners of our mind, we will never clean them. Remember Thich Nhat Hanh, without compost you can not have flowers. If you are honest and willing to examine and relive your experience, you will change.

If you’re current experience continues to be negative after you have completed the entire program it is because our general program failed to direct your attention to the correct corner of your mind that needs to be cleaned.

In that case, you should retake the entire course, focusing on only your current upsets and negative reactions. If, after completing the course a second time you still experience life negatively, contact us for further suggestions.

How Does Acupuncture4TheMind Work?

The tones used in this program stimulate meridian points to change the energy of the mind. The energy that does the work is not in the sound, and simply hearing the sounds will not change the energy of your mind.

sound energySound is the product of electromagnetic energy generated in the speaker. The tone frequencies used to stimulate meridian points have been successfully used in both human and animal studies for over ten years. They produce no ill effects, and are a potent method of changing the energy of Qi.

It is the energy created by the speakers in response to the tones that stimulates acupuncture points and re-tunes the mind. Some speakers generate more of the energy necessary for the tones we use to work than others do. You must have the correct type of speakers or the tones will not work.

TAKE NOTE: For the tones to work you must have speakers powered by a wall socket, or that plug into the USB port on your computer. If your speakers have their own volume control, they are probably ok. Laptop computers require powered speakers.

TAKE NOTE: Headphones do not generate sufficient power for tones to work, and should not be used during the program.

TAKE NOTE: You must stay within 4-5 feet (1.5m) of the speakers to ensure that your meridians are properly stimulated. Hearing the tones is not enough, stay within 4-5 feet (1.5m) range of your computer’s speakers.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact customer support for more help.

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