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Full Course Registration

Now you have a unique opportunity to take full control of your life.

Our comprehensive support and total commitment to providing the best customer experience ensures that you will get the most from this program.

Acupuncture4TheMind includes access to our dedicated and professional staff whenever you have questions or need special attention.

Access to our exclusive member's area opens up a vast collection of research information and extra material to help you achieve your goals.

The course itself is provided online and that means instant access for you 24 hours a day seven days a week and no waiting for cd's or dvd's to arrive in the mail. You can start your journey to a better you now!

All provided at no additional cost!

What You Get

  • self improvementAcupuncture4TheMind includes 16 full sessions of unique mind-blowing material. To see the entire course outline click here.
  • There are 118 separate narration files each narrated by Dr Kurt Ebert himself that guide you along the path to change.
  • There are over 40 unique accompanying tone files played in many different combinations that apply the phenomenally effective Acupuncture4TheMind stimulation to the acupuncture points in your mind.
  • This results in allowing your mind to change the way in which it perceives potentially harmful or disturbing input.
  • The tone files literally tune out your previously negative thoughts and attune you into higher frequencies unlocking potential you never even knew you had.
  • The course is delivered to you online instantly. No waiting for anything to arrive in the post.
  • Access to the membership area including exclusive newsletter, forums, blog and ongoing support material.
  • We use the highest levels of available technology to ensure that your whole experience with Acupuncture4TheMind leaves nothing to chance.
  • Acupuncture4TheMind makes your life a happier one, your future brighter and your mind a beautiful and inspiring place to be.
  • All this change and without meditation, repetition or hard work.
  • It is unlike any other self-transformation program that has ever existed.
  • It cannot be taught.
  • It cannot be learned.
  • It must be experienced.
  • The course is available online now with instant access.
  • Just click below to continue on the path to a new you, a better you.

Value For Money

Nearly everyone has a need for the Acupuncture4TheMind experience, so one of my main goals is to make it available to as wide an audience as possible. What better way to achieve that, than by the creation of this web site?

Yet another goal is for the experience to provide unbelievable value. Value is more than money. I do not believe that the Acupuncture4TheMind experience can be valued in dollars. What is it worth to be comfortable in you own skin and have peace of mind?

  • There are over 16 hours of the highest quality material and guidance in the full Acupuncture4TheMind self-transformation course. The cost of just one hour's professional help would be in excess of $100. That's a minimum value of $1600 for the full course.
  • When you add in the value of all the support and extra information available as a result of the decades of experience brought to bare on solving your problems, I can understand why some of my friends and professional colleagues have told me that the full course should be priced well over $2,000!
  • In recognition of the launch of the Acupuncture4TheMind self-transformation web site I have decided to offer an initial launch incentive and make the full course available, for a short period of time, at a very low price of just $197.
  • In return for this initial reduced price we ask that you help us by giving feedback on your experience. We would like to know how you feel the course helped you and what, if anything, we can do to improve the experience for you. Once you have completed the course, we will send you an email asking for your reaction.
  • The Acupuncture4TheMind experience is second to none. And for the skeptical, we'll prove it. When you sign up for the program you have the opportunity to test your levels of tension, anger, confusion, vigor and depression.
  • We will pay the cost for you to take the world-renowned Profile Of Mood States (POMS), a standardized and validated psychological test that measures your moods states in different areas.
  • You can test yourself before and after you complete the Acupuncture4TheMind experience and gather objective evidence of how you have changed.
  • Have you ever known of any other program that promises you that you will change, and then includes an objective method of verifying that it does what it says?
  • At the initial launch price of just $197 that works out at less than 54 cents a day over the first year, and remember your changes stay with you for ever!

Is a totally new and fulfilling life worth 54 cents a day to you?

To make those changes now just click below